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The Marin Fence Difference

Almost anyone can install a fence that won’t fall over within a couple years however there is a spectrum of attention to detail that can not only lengthen the life of your new fence but also add to the beauty of your project.


Marin Fence puts drain rock at the bottom of the post footings to keep the bottom of the post out of standing water. We also slope the top of the concrete footing, keeping standing water from sitting around the posts, both lengthening the deterioration process of the posts.

Spacing of posts might not matter so much with a solid fence however a style of fence that accentuates posts like ornamental fencing or even just doesn’t hide posts like chain link, post spacing matters. The fastest way to do the job, especially ornamental fencing, is to start at one end and work your way to the other end however you might end up with a two-foot section at the end. We at Marin Fence will get the total length of the line of fence and divide the post spacing evenly or lay them out to compliment less than full length panels.

Depth of holes are important. We are more than experienced when it comes to digging holes. We know in what situations the footing has to be at what depth. This dimension can be subjective (over minimum code requirements) to a number of factors. The soil/rock density, height of fencing material, if there is cantilevered weight to be hung from it, ground slope and even surrounding top soil. When we order materials for a job we have learned to order the correct length for the situation and just like any project, the foundation can be the most important.

Powder coating

Just like in the world of paint the cheapest can of paint can sometimes be the most expensive. We have everything we install powder coated, not with the cheapest materials possible but with the best kind of epoxy primer that’s offered. This gives your new fencing or gate the best protection we can offer not only for your piece of mind but ours too. If your project is near the bay or ocean we will often highly recommend that your piece is galvanized before powder coated for an even longer lasting product. This does add cost as, we have to make sure no tube steel is sealed up (have to drill small holes for heated gasses to escape). The cost of the galvanizing itself (about the same as the powder coat). We then bring back to our shop and sand the piece as little as possible to preserve the galvanizing but to smooth as much as possible. The hot dip galvanizing leaves a very rough finish. Another option we can do is, we can use galvanized materials to build the gate out of but where the welds are, the galvanizing has to be sanded off first.

Chain Link Fencing

We will build a fence anyway you’d like it (assuming we feel it is safe and doesn’t conflict with any building codes) however our standard for chain link exceeds most acceptable standard building practices. We build every chain link fence with commercial specifications. We not only use larger diameter posts but also use thicker material. We will always include at least 1-5/8” diameter top rail instead of 1-3/8” or top wire like most standard ways, unless requested or matching an existing fence. We do this because it not only holds the fence in shear better but also gives the chain link more support allowing it to look like the day we finished for years to come. When it comes to gate hinges we always tack-weld the hinges in place for durability, keeping the gates working like new. When security is a factor, we can tack-weld the chain link fasteners in place to keep from being able to disassemble as easily.

Driveway Gates

We have plenty of experience with driveway gates and know what works the best. We now only use sealed bearing hinges on all of our new installations. These hinges have zero maintenance and are extremely reliable. Same thing goes with our ground track wheels, no more messy grease fittings to worry about. Operators can be tricky but if we are involved, we can make it simple. We know what operators will work with what kinds of gates in the specific circumstances of your project. Some installations can be more expensive to do it the right way, and if we are concerned about the reliability at all, we will not sell it to you. While we always want work, we will not jeopardize our reputation to install something we do not have 100% confidence in.

When it comes to designing the gate system there are two basic situations that can limit the ease of installation. Either we are installing the system before the driveway and surrounding area is built or we are installing after. We strongly recommend that anytime you are redoing the area, and are even remotely considering installing a gate down the road, to give us a call to discuss with us. We do free estimates and we would gladly offer advise on what should be done before, to accommodate a future driveway gate. This can not only save you a large amount of money but can also keep from having to make unsightly cuts into your new driveway. When we are installing after the driveway area has already been completed we do have some tricks to lower the visible impact of the gate system but can get costly.


When it comes to preparing a proposal, we have only 1 thing in mind. The time and materials needed to complete the job to the customers satisfaction. We don’t care if you are in a multimillion-dollar house or a small condominium. If the scope of work and circumstances are the same, the price will be the same. We do not upcharge because we feel you can afford it, we only charge what we feel it will cost to complete with a little profit for future growth. Estimators are not paid on commission, we have only 1 goal when preparing a proposal. Customer satisfaction for years to come. We know that the best kind of advertising is by word of mouth and we want you to be so happy, you tell your friends.