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Bollards are a great way to protect something precious from the occasional stray automobile. Now they don’t even have to be that unsightly either. We install a variety of different kinds of bollards at multiple price points. There are 3 basic different kinds of bollards, fixed, removable or automatic.

Fixed bollards can be anything from a piece of galvanized steel pipe that we can fill with concrete to powder coated tubing or even stainless steel with lights inside. There are also different kinds of covers available to dress it up a little but keeping the costs low.

Removable bollards are most commonly a fixed bollard that is placed in a slightly larger diameter sleeve that is set in concrete. We can make it real basic with tabs to make it padlock able. Or can install a manufactured one with an internal lock and cover that drops down when it is removed for pedestrian safety.

Automatic bollards are the least uncommon option but can be quite convenient instead of lifting a heavy-duty piece of steel every time you want to drive through. These will automatically retract at the push of a button into a vault that is set underground.