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Handrails and Guardrails


Handrails become more important as we get older but can even provide some style to a staircase. We can make just about any design you can think of or find as long as it is made to your local building code standards. There are the more classic Victorian styles with scroll ends or a low cost more industrial feel tube style. We have more recently been requested to make from square or rectangular steel for a more modern look. Because of the complicated angles and bends, we usually make these on site, send to the powder coaters and come back to install afterwards.

Guardrails can be one of two very different things. First is the short steel rail on the side of the freeway, which we do install. Secondly these can be fall protection for people for the sides of decks, stairs or natural obstacles. We install a few different types of pedestrian guardrails from using manufactured ornamental fencing to welded wire framed in redwood to custom horizontal rail. You can basically think of these as short fencing that has no gaps larger than 4” and a minimum overall height of 42”. Some cities or towns prohibit the use of horizontal members because it can become a ladder for the little ones.

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