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Gate operator service and maintenance:

Nothing worse then trying to leave your property in the morning and the driveway gate won’t open. While this is inevitably an inconvenience, we do our best to resolve the situation in a timely fashion.

Give us a call at (415) 457-1771 and we will schedule a service call as soon as possible. Because we don’t leave the previous job until we have a diagnosis or resolution, we have to give at least a 2 hour window for a service appointment. We would gladly give you a call when on our way if you’d like though.

Our fees:

We charge $150 for the first hour, including drive time.

$100 an hour after the first hour.

We prefer the customer to be on site when performing service on a gate for the following reasons:

  • To answer the technicians’ questions about symptoms of gate malfunctions.
  • The technician can explain all issues he sees.
  • The technician can get customer approval of parts and labor needed for repairs.
  • We’ve all had the experience when having some sort of technical difficulty, as soon as the technician arrives, it starts functioning normally. Some automatic gate issues are easy to diagnose, while others can be extremely difficult. This is amplified when the symptoms are intermittent or there are multiple causes. We always try to identify all parts needed at once but at the same time we don’t just replace everything. If we know a part is bad and could be the cause of all symptoms, we will replace that part but there could be something else hidden that is bad as well. Any little piece of information can help us diagnose these difficult problems.
  • We will only order/replace parts after customer approval.


A great way to avoid those days of inconvenience when the gate isn’t operating correctly is to sign up for our maintenance plan. We will make (2), up to 1hr, unscheduled visits a year to check over more than 25 preventative maintenance points on your gate and operator. We will check everything from hinge grease to testing the battery backup. We will try making contact first but if no reply, we will leave a checklist in your mailbox after completion with any recommendations listed. Maintenance members also receive a 50% discount on labor replacing consumable parts like batteries, chains and limit switches if cannot be completed within the 1 hour window.

We charge $350 annually for this service and $140 annually per gate more than the (1) included.