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Chain Link

We install an assortment of options for chain link from lightweight residential to heavy duty commercial. There is different sized chain link like the standard 2”, 1” for extra security or 1-3/4” for tennis courts. Chain link comes in a variety of colors like the standard galvanized (silver) black, green or brown to special order custom colors. If you are looking for some more privacy, we install slatted chain link available in different colors or full privacy that is almost completely solid.


We install a few different styles of ornamental fencing that are in 2 major groups: Manufactured and Custom Fencing.

Manufactured ornamental panels are a less expensive option for ornamental fencing. There are many different brands, looks and attachment options but is usually narrowed down based on your specific project requirements. Mostly we use the Ameristar brand that are made in the USA. They are sometimes a little more expensive but are of superior quality. They are available in different colors and in steel or aluminum.

Custom ornamental fencing will be more expensive than manufactured but we can bring to life just about any design you can think of. Most of the time we will fabricate the fencing how you want it to look and send to get powder coated with the color of your choice. We use the best local powder coating companies and pay a little extra for the best primers available to make sure it lasts for as long as possible. In some circumstances we might recommend using a pre-galvanized material or even have the fencing hot dipped galvanized before going to the powder coaters. This will provide the extra layer of protection from some of the harshest environments there is, the salty air of the San Francisco bay area.

Welded wire fencing commonly know as deer wire fencing can be a great, low-cost material for your fencing needs. There is also the more recently popular hog wire fencing that uses a thicker diameter wire but at 4” square spacing that provides a slightly more, heavy-duty feel. Welded wire is available in a few different colors like galvanized (silver) black or green as well as some different wire diameters. There are also custom options available that you won’t find at your local hardware store from heavy duty grating to almost solid designer mesh. A great thing about welded wire fencing is the abundance of options for posts and framing. We can install with minimal posts set in concrete and “T” stakes to a complete welded steel frame. Another common framing material is Redwood or Cedar depending on the overall appearance you are trying to achieve.

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