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Standard Order of Operations

Manufactured fencing

This would include chain link, ornamental, pvc, or welded wire. We always start by setting an appointment for a proposal. We don’t give a low-ball estimate to be increased later on. Unless the scope of work has changed or have run into serios issues that could not be foreseen, we will not change our price. An estimator will meet you on the property to see the circumstances of your project. We will go over options for different styles of fencing, location to be installed, gate options if requested. We will then confirm your contact information and let you go about your day.

We figure all the materials that are going to be needed and the labor required to do your project, type up a formal proposal with as much information we can include and email it over to you. We do not usually breakdown labor and materials unless requested. If you have questions or would like some more information, we go over in as much detail as you feel comfortable with. If you decide you would like to proceed we just ask you to sign the proposal and email it back or reply approved to make some kind of written agreement.

We try to provide a rough installation date as soon as possible but depending on our lead time we may not be able to give a date for a week or so. Though we sometimes have to reschedule due to weather or the delay of a project before yours, we try to minimize this as much as possible. Sometimes during this period, we would like to go over the details of the project to make sure everyone has the same expectations. During this time, we also will have the area marked for U.S.A. (underground service alert). We come out and mark the affected area with washable, nontoxic white marking paint and have all utilities in the area come out and mark their lines. For example, PG&E, sewer, AT&T, water. This way we can know where we can use excavation equipment safely and optimal post locations.

Start day, we like to have you there as we go over the project (estimator and crew), to eliminate any miscommunication and guarantee customer satisfaction. We will lay out the whole project but inevitably the installation crew will come across questions that will need to be addressed by either the estimator or customer or both. During the project our crews are trained to communicate with customers in a courteous fashion and are capable of answering most questions. We try to keep the jobsite as clean as possible, provide as much safety precautions as needed and show as much respect for the property as we would want from someone at our house.

At the end of the project we appreciate a final walk through with you to make sure the job has been completed to your satisfaction and will not start another until we have done so. At this time, we will send an invoice for the work and can be payed by check, cash or credit. We appreciate any feedback, criticism or compliments you feel like giving.

Custom gates, guardrail, handrail or custom fencing has a slightly different time schedule. For gates we will have posts ready for installation at the start date and will get set as soon as possible. At this point we like to get exact measurements for the gate dimensions. This keeps from getting large gaps on the sides, under the gates, or worse case, making the gate too big. This could happen by finding out we can’t put a post where we thought we could because of a utility line, massive root or rock. We then build the gate, and have powder coated. The coating process can take a week, sometimes two, but can be installed immediately afterwards. For handrail, guardrail or custom fencing we will get the post holes dug, fabricate the panels or pieces have powder coated and installed as soon as possible.